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Business Scope: Steel Plate Cutting and Cutting Business Method: The processing and sales enterprise was initially established in April 1984. It rented an open space from the warehouse of the Cangzhou Water Conservancy Bureau and set up a shed as a workshop. Over 20 people began steel plate processing and production. After two years of hard work, in August 1986, under the guidance of the Cangzhou Regional Commission for Economic Reform, the Cangzhou Metal Plate Cutting Factory was established with the approval of relevant authorities, becoming an independent legal entity. We specialize in processing steel plate leveling, storage, transportation, and distribution services for several large material management departments at the North China Station of the State Administration of Materials and Materials. After another two years of hard work, in October 1988, I purchased the current 50 acre site for 400000 yuan, laying the foundation for development and entrepreneurship. By relying on self-reliance and self-development, while developing and building, the country has not invested and relied on bank loans of 400000 yuan to start and develop to this day. And on site, we have established a shield anti-theft door and window factory and an elderly morning light material service company. The entire factory coordinates human, financial, and material scheduling, with separate accounting and target management for each stall. We focus on one industry and diversified operations. Over the past decade, it has successively won the honorary titles and plaques of "Provincial Flying Dragon Enterprise", "Outstanding Third Class Merit in Regional and Municipal Development and Progress", "Advanced Collective for Building Merit and Revitalizing Cangzhou", "Advanced Enterprise at the prefecture level", and "Per capita Benefit of the Industry". Business Introduction: Our factory distributes coil plates, open plates, and medium plates produced by Benxi Steel, Ansteel, and Hangang all year round; And it can process various specifications and sizes of plates according to user needs, perform nesting and cutting, and cut to length; In addition, our factory also has metal processing equipment such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, punching machines, and drum machines, which can undertake the welding, bending, and drum production of steel plates such as oil tanks, water tanks, and chimneys. Our factory has a large inventory and low prices, and can handle transportation for users. Processing and sales of various specifications of C-shaped steel

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